What is Amanzi?

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  Mahatma Gandhi I create so I can be apart of change, and in order for that to happen you have to DO and FEEL something! I appreciate artists who strive to make their audiences think instead of mapping out an explanation for them. It seems too many people have stopped thinking and try to find the easiest way out. That’s why I don’t find joy in explaining my art as much as I should. I’m slightly old fashioned when it comes to communication 00  and one of the reasons …

the underwater exhibition

Yesterday started of a rainy mess, but I was content (until the last minute), but everything came together in the end. All in all everyone’s energy was beyond amazing and it made this experience worth it. Thanks again to everyone that came out! I’ll be posting the photos starting next Tuesday. P.S: To who all who couldn’t make it, please don’t apologize, you don’t owe me an apology. Let’s just take it as you’ll be there early next time 😉 check out some of the photos and videos from the amanzi via instagram! [amanzi photos will be dropped every tuesday …

86 meatballs

So I’m leaving for the summer and I just received my last schedule from my job, a bit sad I’m leaving. I’ve only worked there for a few months, but I love them like a crazy dysfunctional family. This time last year I couldn’t wait to leave Jersey/New York and get out of the scene. This year it’s a complete 180, I’m gonna miss my new friends I’ve made and my old…I dont wanna goooooo, but the children need Henny.   love you cafe 2, see you guys soon .

BOOM…guess who stepped in the room?

so i’ve been lacking in the photo department…i’m gonna blame summer camp, and the fact that my computer decided to go awol. however, i’m starting back up with my never ending series Amanzi. be on the look out because it’s gonna be reeeaaallllll nice. peace. henny.

Amanzi Day II

Nothing is going as planned but I guess everything happens for a reason. But yesterday was cool, after shooting we went to Sam’s house for a grad party/pre Memorial Day cookout/Emma’s late birthday present, then to South Mountain Res to dance…at least that’s what we called it. 0_O vine.co/v/bVxF9bqMP3i     

apple juice

Brought a cup of apple juice in a beer glass to my table (waitress life) and told the guy that if he finishes it within 5 seconds it’s free, and as he and his “wife” hysterically laughed while he repeatedly said, “no, no, no I’m too drunk”, I confessed that it was the juice of the apple. they died laughing and I think hinted for me to come to their room last night…