going back to Colombia, gonna live there for a bit. peace.


I write a lot more in my personal journal than I do on here. I don’t want everyone all up in my shit…knowing what I dream about, who I’m crushing on, what I ate yesterday (pizza). I’ve just been chilling in West Bumble, NJ feeling a mix between this Big Baby DRAM album & Frank Ocean’s Blonde. Both of them pretty much sum up what’s tussling in my head. The other weekend had the honor of being apart of an all women group exhibition called, Speak My Mind. It went really well, got to connect with people new and old, dance my …

MORE Film!

Got all my film that I’ve been hoarding for like 3 years back from Accurate Photo in BK, they are super legit. Developing takes about an 1 hour or less, and obviously you’ll get the option of having prints/cds. If you’re looking to develop 35mm and don’t want to support B&H because of racial allegations, tell Connie and Tony the girl with the yarn hair sent you.   New Posts/Updates: Afropunk ’16, Chicago ’15, Shantell Martin ’14, Camp ’14, Faces, Nancy  


Just developed some old/new film the other day. I know I have a lot more rolls to develop, but damn. I found some Afropunk photos from last year that are pretty groovy. They’re mainly of the Suicidal Tendencies set, but check em out if you haven’t already.

I’m Lazy.

First Step is admitting it. Second is to grab some ice cream and cry…or skip the ice cream. When was the last time you had a good cry? …12:10am… The real Second Step is realizing that sometimes you can be in your own way is fucking mind boggling. It’s hard trying to think of the future and taking the right steps to getting there when something’s in your way, and coming to the realization that that something (this time…and maybe a few other times) is you is rough. Third Step…tell yourself to move the fuck on and that you have shit …

vibes after dark

Shooting and showing stuff at vibes tomorrow…I need to start telling people shit like this instead of rolling incognegro.

lyfe update

Working a cool job and spending my time with a cool guy, life is good. Went on a roadtrip last month (Dec. 28th – Jan. 3rd), was initially supposed to go to NOLA, but things happen…had a great time to say the least!         stops: brooklyn, conneticut, vermont, montreal and vermont (again).

Distractions: The Ongoing List

Distractions/Waste of My Time/Shit That Gets on My Nerves television (only watch it on my laptop, but still) facebook (deleting soon) ?? ignorance ignorant people “trendy fashion (I’m just wearing my fucked up timbs and some athletic pants) my slow ass iphone 4 (thinking of getting a flip phone or an iphone 6) iphone products (even though I own an ipod, macbook and an iphone) SIDEBAR: fuck the iphone 6…I still may possibly buy it though cleaning the dirt under my fingernails gifs (like really cool ones I end up looking at for 10 minutes) spending my time and energy on …


i cant wait for the roadtrip to dc with my crew…i need an escape from reality right now and this getaway couldn’t have come any sooner.