Distractions: The Ongoing List

Distractions/Waste of My Time/Shit That Gets on My Nerves

  • television (only watch it on my laptop, but still)
  • facebook (deleting soon) ??
  • ignorance
  • ignorant people
  • “trendy fashion (I’m just wearing my fucked up timbs and some athletic pants)
  • my slow ass iphone 4 (thinking of getting a flip phone or an iphone 6)
  • iphone products (even though I own an ipod, macbook and an iphone)
  • SIDEBAR: fuck the iphone 6…I still may possibly buy it though
  • cleaning the dirt under my fingernails
  • gifs (like really cool ones I end up looking at for 10 minutes)
  • spending my time and energy on people who ultimately suck
  • scrolling through instagram not liking anyone’s photos, just for the heck of it
  • walking behind someone who’s walking slow because they’re on they’re phone
  • fancy – iggy azalea (spelled that right?)
  • talking to people who don’t HEAR me